Brand 50mm Hyway cylinder with pop up extra compression piston kit. Fits Husqvarna chainsaw models 268, 268XP.

*Can also be installed on models 266 and 266xp if you also replace the carburetor bolts and intake manifold block with the 268 size, and do some minor top cover plastic trimming. 

High quality kit that comes with a 1 year guarantee.

The kit includes 50mm Nikasil plated cylinder, pop up piston, upgraded Caber ring, wrist pin, circlips, base gasket, and Oregon spark plug. 

Does not have decompression valve port.
These pop up pistons are impressive, they normally add at least 10 psi compression over the original style flat top piston. More compression equals more power. Caber piston rings are made in Italy and are the best rings you can get.

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